Whatchallenges do women who work in corrections face? What could be doneto reduce those problems in that particular work setting?

Correctionalofficers are very vital in the criminal justice system. They areresponsible for the security and safety of inmates. Additionally,they play a significant role in their daily lives. Unfortunately,female correctional officers face many challenges in their line ofduty. The most common include the sex- and gender-based challengesdue to their status as women including on-the-job sexual harassment(Mallicoat,2012).Most female officers acknowledge they have at least once faced sexualharassment by their male colleagues, as well as senior male officers.Besides, male inmates are disrespectful against female officers to anextent that they sometimes fail to respond to their commands. Anotherchallenge that women face as correctional officers is limited workand promotional opportunities. They are not assigned the same dutiesas male officers despite been in the same rank. They are believed tobe weak and are only seen as sex objects. Inhis book “Womenand Crime: A text/reader”Mallicoat (2012) gives an example of a male officer who mockinglytold a female officer that she should go home and be like the normalwomen who are barefoot and always in the kitchen.

Toreduce the stress of sexual harassment, female correctional officersshould develop strong bonds with male officers within theirdepartments. Mallicoat (2012) argue that this approach will not onlyeliminate or reduce the presence of harassment it will also mediateits consequences as well. Further, they should distinguish themselvesas different from their male counterparts in both skills andexperience. They should also work hard to achieve high rank like menin their department structure. By doing so, they will be fightingagainst beliefs that such jobs are appropriate for men only.


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