It is inescapable that clashes will develop when two species try tomatch their needs. The species are most skillful in changing thenatural world. Humans and beavers develop structures that can beviewed from space, such as the beaver dam in Alberta and the GreatWall of China. Nonetheless, it is possible to come up with solutionsto these conflicts. The way outs can depend on the primary organicservices that beaver wetlands proffer (Linzey &amp Tutu, 2013). Inthis line, the paper discusses the workable settlement of theconflict.

Viable Solution to the Conflict

In the first place, beavers should be allowed to remain in theirlodges while hurdles such as flooding are being solved salvagingmany beavers is environmentally advantageous. Preserving beaver isbeneficial when there is increased reduction of wetlands globally(Linzey &amp Tutu, 2013). A program such as the U.S. WetlandsReserve Program has continually been identifying the environmentalsignificance of these critical areas. The affected individuals suchas farmers need a compensation to prevent the aggravation of theconflict with the beavers. Numerous programs should be developed topartner with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to avail materialsand funding to the certified departments for purposes of flowequipment. By setting up flow equipment, most of the beaver wetlandscan be hoarded while terminating the unsolicited flooding.Additionally, the challenge with the objectionable cutting of treescan be resolved via enclosure.

Furthermore, it is essential to install beaver pipes which are costeffective that will regulate the future unwanted flooding. In otheroccasions, it is critical to relocate the beavers thus theutilization of the Bailey or Hancock live catches are the excellentmeans. These methods are appropriate because other methods such assnares render the target powerless, which may lead to death throughdrowning (Linzey &amp Tutu, 2013).


In conclusion, this discussion recognizes the many advantages ofbeavers to the ecosystem and thus indicates that the best solution tothe conflict is working with the beavers. Working with the beaversentails the government compensation to individuals for the losses.The plan to save beavers should be laid down. The strategies shouldinclude providing the qualified agencies with flow devices to controlflooding. Additionally, their habitat should be enclosed to preventobnoxious cutting of trees. The agency should install beaver pipes tocontrol flooding and further adopt safe traps in case of relocationof the beavers.


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