Workingas a barista at Vincent Bakery

Workingas a barista at Vincent Bakery

Aspart of the requirements for me to successfully complete myundergraduate degree. I was privileged to be attached to VincentBakery as a barista during my internship program which commenced on9th may 2016 to 30th July 2016. Vincent Bakery is one the mostprestigious and modern cafes located in Georgia, United States(Vincent Bakery, 2016). Notably, the bakery has two stores. The firstlocation is at Johns Creek while the second one is at Duluth. Duringmy internship program, I worked with Vincent Bakery café that issituated in Duluth. The Duluth store traces its history from way backin 2009 when it was started. It has been in successful operation forseven years now offering different services to its customers. Theservices range from a wide variety of cakes, bread to beverages(Vincent Bakery, 2016).

Myposition as a barista entailed the preparation of coffee drinks forour customers, taking and preparing their orders within the shortesttime possible, educating them on the services offered by the bakeryas well as answering their various questions with accuracy and highlevels of professionalism. Also, I was actively involved inmaintaining inventories by restocking coffee supply, ensuring thatthere were no shortages of the coffee bar cookies as well as stockingthe coffee brewing equipment (Vincent Bakery, 2016).

Apartfrom that, I was also given the role of ensuring all equipment arerunning and operational at all times through consistent reading ofthe operation guidelines, troubleshooting any breakdowns ,performingpreventative maintenance and also calling for repairs whenever it wasnecessary. Lastly, I was obligated with the responsibility ofensuring customer satisfaction is achieved such that each and everyclient who visited our bakery had a better experience so that theycan always come back through effective multitasking and timelyservices(Raza, Siddiquei, Awan &amp Bukhari, 2012).Without doubt, customer service satisfaction has played a criticalrole in ensuring continued success is achieved for the entire periodVincent Bakery Café has been in operation. On the same note, thefollowing are the contact details of Vincent Bakery, Duluth store

VincentBakery Cafe

2442Pleasant Hill Rd.

Duluth,GA 30096


Inan effort of trying to achieve the set goals and objectives, VincentBakery has put sufficient measures in place to ensure that it gainsboth local and international recognition hence attracting customersfrom all parts of the globe (Mok,Sparks &amp Kadampully, 2013).&nbspThebakery seeks to establish itself as an international center ofattraction by addressing the language and communication needs of thecustomers, ensuring that the operations carried out on a daily basisare consistent with the diverse cultural preferences and also theamenities and services offered meet the customer needs andspecifications as illustrated below.

Addressingthe needs/differences of international guests

SinceVincent Bakery intends to be the most preferred destination for allcustomers both locally and internationally, several mechanisms havebeen put in place to attract and address the different needs ofinternational guests.

Servicesand Amenities

Thesuccess and excellent performance of Vincent Bakery can be largelyattributed to the various services and amenities available to ourcustomers (Razaet al 2012).To begin with, the long operation hours has been anintegral part of its good performance. The bakery normally starts itsoperations at exactly 8 A.M in the morning all through to 11 P.M inthe evening (Vincent Bakery, 2016).The extended time caters for allour customers, those who might be late from work or probably held upon other issues. This ensures convenience and satisfaction for allthe clients.

Toadd on that, Vincent Bakery maintains a safe and healthy environmentwith high levels of hygiene to its staff members and also for thevisiting customers. The clients always feel secure whenever theyvisit the bakery for various services. Besides, the bakery offerstheir customers a wide variety of options to choose from as far asthe type of cakes they need is concerned. Customers can make ordersfor the cakes and customize their features based on the function andoccasion. For instance, Vincent Bakery designs wedding cakes bycreating them in the presence of their customers so that it can meettheir exact specifications. There are also birthday cakes for peopleto celebrate their loved ones. Moreover, the bakery also designscakes meant for various special occasions. Customers give the exactfeatures they need after which the cakes are created to best matchtheir function or occasion (Vincent Bakery, 2016).

Inaddition to the cakes, Vincent Bakery bakes gourmet bread on a dailybasis. The baked bread is always natural with no preservatives. Thishas been an integral part in the success of Vincent Bakery byattracting customers from all parts of the globe.Inensuring that customer satisfaction is achieved, the bakery alsooffers both warm and cold beverages. They include freshly brewedcoffee and tea that can be taken with fresh bread or any other yummytreat (Vincent Bakery, 2016).

Itis also important to note that Vincent Bakery has well partitionedspacious rooms meant for different purposes. For instance, there isdining area where our clients can always have their beverages, cakesor bread. The dining tables have attentive and hospitable attendantswhose role is to explain to the customers the different types ofmeals or drinks available, get their requests and bring them orderswithin the shortest time possible(VincentBakery, 2016).The foods in this bakery are so decent with relativelyaffordable prices which cater for all our customers. On the menu,there are other foods such as sandwiches and burgers which are mostpreferred by our customers. The dining table also has an ideal placespecifically meant for the kids who have their own menu. Apart fromthe dining area, there is also a bar that is fully stocked with craftbeer together with a large selection of whiskey and wine which hasdrinks such Hartfield, Bakers. Customers aged 21 years and above arethe only ones allowed to enter the bar section, also, various methodsof payment such as credit cards are accepted thus minimizinginconveniences (Vincent Bakery, 2016) .

Ontop of the wide variety of drinks available in the bar for theclients, the bar attendants are always welcoming and appreciative.They ensure customers get the best customer service experience sothat they will always come back(Razaet al 2012) Other services offered include weekly specials for thekids whereby they get free meals on Sundays, also there is a ladiesnight on Fridays to make customers feel more entertained. The bakeryhas a spacious parking lot for the customers with high levels ofsecurity.

Culturalpreferences in restaurant operations

VincentBakery has different styles of entertainment to cater for the localand international visitors. There is Salsa, Karaoke, and Poker forthe customers visiting the bakery for various services. Notably, mostbread offered by Vincent Bakery are baked using the Korean Stylewhile the coffee is made in the American style. However, there arealso other Asian style drinks such as bubble teas and the traditionalKorean tea .This has attracted visitors from all parts of the globedue to the availability of their preferences at the bakery (VincentBakery, 2016).

Languageand communication

Languageand communication are two crucial tools to a person’s identity.They help in conveying a message, express feelings emotions enhancingthe way in which people relate and understand one another. However,they can be a barrier to the success of any business if they are notaddressed. Customers may experience challenges in communicating whatthey need or inquiring about various meals and services offered bythe bakery. Vincent Bakery’s top management have employedspecialized communication or language assistants whose major role isto help facilitate communication and enhance understanding with thecustomers who come from different parts across the globe(Mok et al 2013).Addressing communication and language barriers is vital sincecustomers can express their views, suggestions or even complaintsabout the various services offered. Such information can be used todetermine the necessary actions that should be taken to improve onthe identified areas for a much better customer service.

Suggestionfor more effective internationally-focused service

Giventhe stiff competition posed by other organizations in the sameindustry, there is a need for Vincent Bakery to come up with moreadvanced strategies to not only withstand other industries but alsoensure that the business has an international recognition and it isfocused to offer the best services. To begin with, Vincent Bakeryshould have perfect brand ambassadors to deliver high standardservices in the best way possible (Razaet al 2012).They will do so by engaging with the customers,understanding what they need and transcending a luxury hospitalityfor improved customer service creating a memorable experience amongstthe visitors. Apart from that, It is crucial for the company toembrace high levels of technology so that it can maintain a closeconnection with its customers from all parts of the world. Thereshould be an effective technical team responsible for updating allthe relevant information required by the customers’ on thecompany’s website. Information about the products and servicesoffered should be available and easily accessible through variousonline platforms. The information should be accurate. Also, thereshould be prompt responses to customer’s inquiries about bookingsor direction of the bakery to avoid any frustration (Moket al 2013).

Equallyimportant, the management should initiate frequent training for theemployees to inform them about the current trends experienced in theindustry to enable the business grow and have an internationalrecognition. Also, the training should include various means and waysof improving customer service. Further the employees should besubjected to cross-cultural training to enhance cultural awareness tominimize misunderstanding between them and the clients who come fromdiverse backgrounds. More importantly, the bakery should conduct athorough research, identify a gap in the market that is not fullyutilized then maximize on that opportunity to withstand competitionfrom other organizations and also attract international recognitionfor offering outstanding products and services (Razaet al 2012).


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