WorksiteHealth Promotion Program Assessment

Johnson&amp Johnson is a big multinational organization having more than275 branches and operates in more than 60 nations. The company isinvolved in producing medical devices as well as pharmaceuticals.Also, the entity is the possessor of different recognized consumerbrands like Aveeno, Tylenol, and Band-Aid among others. The annualrevenue of the business exceeds $ 70 billion while the number ofemployees is approximately 128,700. The contact address for thiscompany is 501 George Street New Brunswick, NJ 08901. Johnson &ampJohnson has been in the frontline in advocating for health andwellness of its employees. This report will discuss the health andwellness program of the organization.

Johnson&amp Johnson has a history of promoting workplace health. Indeed,wellness is considered part of the company’s philosophy and hasbeen viewed as a significant guiding principle. The entity commencedits health and wellness program referred to as Livefor Lifein 1978. The chief objectives of the program stressed on 3Ps. One ofthe P’s emphasized on protection, which the organization viewed asoccupational health and safety. The second P focused on preventionthis entailed ensuring that the healthy are kept well through themanagement of their injuries and illnesses. The third P emphasized onthe performance of the organization.

TheDesign of the Program

Theprogram was planned to deal with different activities that includehaving tobacco-free workplaces, assessment of health risks, biometricscreening, healthy coaching, fitness classes, health educationcampaigns, and work/life balance programs. The health and wellnessagenda became supported by on-site fitness centers, on-site pharmacy,two on-site health clinics, and healthy food provisions at the diningfacilities. The program also had an incentive design. Althoughincentives are provided, they are de-emphasized, and it attempts totap on the intrinsic motivations of employees in enhancing theirhealth. Furthermore, workers are in a position to earn up to $500credit on the health insurance premiums.

Thecompany’s health and wellness program incorporate occupationalhealth, work-life programs, disability management, employeeassistance, wellness, and fitness. The vision of the health plan isto optimize the welfare, health and productivity of the workers ofthe organization. The mission of the program is to value the healthand well-being of workers and their families in order to promote aculture of health. The leadership team of the company ensures thatemployees’ health is part of the business’ overall strategy, andmake sure that the managers are accountable for maintaining theculture of health. In carrying out the health and wellness program,the entity ensures that there is clear and consistent communicationconcerning the support that the organization will offer to employeesin terms of services, initiatives, and policies. Therefore, theleadership of the business is considered to be of immense importancein sustaining the wellness plan.

Throughthe company’s Worker Health Protection Program (WHPP), Johnson &ampJohnson offers different services. Currently, every employee hasaccess to the organization’s health and wellness initiative througha group of professionals who support and promote a healthy lifestyle.The entity’s initiatives include offerings associated withimproving the physical activities of employees such as providingon-site fitness centers, having a pedometer program, supportingseasonal fitness challenges, and reimbursement for exerciseexpenditures nutrition provisions which includes weight watchingmembership, online weight management tools, and healthy cafeteriachoices chronic disease management and lifestyle management as wellas computerized coaching programs such as health coaching for themanagement of blood pressure, blood lipid control, and tobaccocessation.

Theorganization is involved in routinely analyzing the health assessmentdata so as to identify any health risk trend amid its employees. Thehealth risk evaluations are survey tools, which ask workers abouttheir health habits as well as risk factors. These assessments are inmost cases escorted by biometric screenings of blood pressure,cholesterol values, and height and weight. It is after theseprocesses that customized programs to handle workers’ health risksbecome developed, implemented, and appraised through succeedinghealth assessments.

Thecompany has a strong system of measuring and evaluating results ofits health and wellness program. The results of the assessment of thehealth initiative have indicated positive trends in terms of healthand healthcare costs over the entirety of the program. As part of anattempt to carry out thorough analyses and publicize learning, theentity has distributed the results of some of its assessments inscientific journals. In evaluating the results, the healthinitiatives are defined through standards and policies whichestablish minimal prospects globally. Annually, programs of thecompany at the different major sites have to undergo aself-assessment against the defined standards. In the evaluations ofthe programs’ outcomes, identification of gaps that may exist isput into considerations, and any gaps identified are addressed so asto ensure that the initiatives are up to the established standards.This is critical in ensuring that the health and wellness programsproduce positive results always. Furthermore, in an attempt tomaintain positive results, the company engages external auditors tovalidate the assessments and give a final scorecard for the programs.This is done after every three years. Hence, the outcomes of thehealth and wellness plan have always been positive since the onsetdue to the company’s commitments.

Thereare incentives that encourage the employees to participate in thehealth and wellness initiative. One of the incentives is that thecompany offers a variety of programs that tend to meet the variedneeds of workers, as well as their interests. Through providingdifferent programs, the employees deem them as convenient and makethem be involved in the health and wellness schemes. Also, as part ofits enticements, the organization has managed to translate its healthpromotion plans to its different business units globally. This hasensured that the employees access the health and wellness programs intheir units without the need of having to travel to other businessbranches of the company. Furthermore, the messages from health andwellness team are motivating, making workers have the urge toparticipate in the activities of the health agenda. In addition,there are a variety of programs that are free and convenient to theemployees. This makes them to be part of the culture of healthinitiatives.

TheWorker Health Protection Program (WHPP) staffs are involved inexceedingly important roles since they are engaged in supporting thewellbeing of individuals through interventions such as physicalactivities, target nutrition, tobacco cessation, and management ofchronic diseases among others. Such activities require trainedindividuals so as to provide support that fits the requiredstandards. Therefore, the staffs involved in the wellness programs ofJohnson &amp Johnson are well-trained individuals. There aredifferent titles that are given to the wellness team depending on thearea that one is located for instance, there are nurses andclinicians at the on-site clinics while there are physical activitiescoaches at the physical training centers. The organization has notyet revealed the number of these staff since it has different unitsglobally and the management is decentralized.

Fromthe analysis, it can be argued that Johnson &amp Johnson Company’shealth and wellness programs are of quality. This stems from theinvolvement of the leadership team in the programs as well as theirevaluation annually to establish their performance and correction ofany gaps that are noticed. The content of the WHPP is alsosatisfactory because there are a variety of activities that areoffered to employees and the organization ensures that they areconvenient to them. Furthermore, the delivery of the program can berated to be excellent since trained individuals are involved inoffering the services that ensure wellness and healthy living. Also,from the results, it is apparent that the delivery meets developedstandards because the outcomes have been positive since thecommencement of the program.

Fromthe assessment of the worksite health promotion program of Johnson &ampJohnson Company, I have learned that it is important to have a WHPPsince it offers positive results to an organization. For instance,through the program, employees are kept safe and healthy a move thatensures continued progress in productivity. I also discovered that itis critical for an organization to provide incentives that would makeemployees take part in the WHPP.