My emotional intelligence score is 31 which is relatively high henceI am capable of handling the demands that come with working in a teamsetting. The Jungian 16-type personality survey reveals that I am asociable person who enjoys being where the action is. My sociablecharacter can also be revealed by my moderately high extraversionlevel with a score of 10. Thus, I will be able to connect andcommunicate effectively with other team members. I have anagreeableness score of 7 which shows that I am cooperative andtrusting as such, I will not have to be pushed around when workingin a team setting. My conscientiousness score is 7 which reveals thatI am achievement-oriented, persistent, dependable, and responsible.As such my team can expect to achieve success because it can dependon me to accomplish my tasks thoroughly.

My Jungian 16- type personality reveals that I find it interestingexploring new things. As such, I will be a great asset to the groupin terms of coming up with new ideas. Besides, I am analyticalhence, I will help my team unravel complex things and concepts. I ama flexible person as my Jungian 16-type personality reveals that Iavoid plans and just let things progress as I work on them. As such,I will be available to take on impromptu tasks.

However, my Jungian 16-type personality reveals that I am not capableof multi-tasking because I do not love having several projects inprogress. In most cases, groups are required to handle several taskssimultaneously hence this is one of the faults I will introduce to ateam setting. Additionally, other people’s feelings and values aremore important to me as opposed to my thoughts and the availabledata. This means that I may propel my team into failure by failing tospeak the truth for the fear of hurting other members’ feelings.